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Work in a professional setting to verify transaction terms are understood and agreed to with our clients’ new customers. No cold calls, telephone sales or collections.

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We must maintain a strong organization of quality people who are dedicated to performing quality work that ensures our success. We will foster an environment that serves our employees as they serve our clients. We will pursue this just as we pursue the profits from for a job well done. And we accomplish our mission by supporting people that are like-minded, dedicated, driven and passionate.

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Third-Party Verifier

This role serves and helps protect clients of by providing an unbiased, neutral party to confirm (verify) a customer’s desire, understanding and agreement to terms of a transaction. Third-Party Verifier positions are currently open in both Tulsa and Tahlequah, OK, as well as Las Vegas, NV.

Systems Analyst

This IT Department role requires a broad assortment of technical and interpersonal skills. Tasks involve developing and managing internal platforms, maintaining systems and network infrastructure, and directly interacting with clients. This position is ideal for those who seek a well-rounded career in the technology field.

Team Coach

The Team Coach position is responsible for the day to day management of personnel and objectives for the team under their direct Supervision as well as the collaborative management of real-time activity on the floor during their shift. The Role is responsible for metric outcomes, team building, coaching/developing direct reports, and ensuring that the approved methods and procedures are followed according to established policy.