adds a new layer of protection in the relationship between companies and their customers.

More than a simple contract signature, it is an engagement and response for each key term and condition of the agreement.

Our Vision

To make our service standard practice for every company that enters into agreements with consumers.

Our Mission

To protect our clients AND their customers using our technology and our talent to verify their agreements. In doing so, we help them improve communications, eliminate ambiguity and resolve disputes quickly.

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Expert Leadership
We don’t throw the term “Expert” around lightly. We know what it takes to become a genuine Expert. Hard Work. Its been said it takes 10,000 hours of concentrated effort to become an expert in your field or craft. We’ve put in 78,408 hours and counting. And we have put in the hard work for 18 years now and we continue to put it in every day. We’ve been there and we’ve done that.

We’ve seen it, written it, programmed it, created it, tested it, broke it, fixed it and done it…all of it. We are better than our competitors and will remain so. We are in business not just to compete but to win…and to win, decisively. And we do more than win business, we keep it. The end results…our customers win.

We are “your” experts. Our leadership team is experienced, dedicated and determined to provide uncompromising customer satisfaction. We set high expectations for our team members, which is why our clients rate us the best in the business.

Genuine Customer Focus
Every company says they are focused and committed to the best customer care in the industry. But at we asked, “What does that really mean? What does it look like? And How do we deliver it so its more than a just a line in our marketing materials?”

The answer is a recipe that blends, diligent hiring practices to employ quality Agents. It’s the right people, performing the right tasks efficiently and effectively with a call-to-call consistency. That will make us the best in the business.

The secret ingredient to this recipe for success is: training. Training, training and more training. We focus on our Agents so they can focus on our clients’ customers. To this end we are dedicated to our people and committed to our clients.

Reliable Technology
We understand that it is essential that you can reach our agents when you need to, so we’ve designed a verification platform that is reliable and redundant, boasting 99.99% uptime throughout our network. Advanced technologies include predictive dialers, workforce management systems, digital recording and automated call distribution systems. We assure total security with each and every call.

Reporting and Analytics
Information is critical to an organization’s success. We excel at gathering, recording and analyzing data to provide reports that are not just informative, but powerful tools for our customers to use in managing and growing their business. Our system records each phone call, and we offer our clients a detailed recording within minutes of the completed call, enabling real-time access to monitor your business performance. specializes in complete third-party verification solutions to businesses nationwide, operating contact centers in all three time zones. Setting the tone for the industry, we offer only the best in speech-enabled, live agent, interactive voice recognition (IVR) and online third-party verification (TPV).

When you grow, we grow.

TPV experts since the beginning.

On January 8, 1982, the monopoly that was The Bell System was broken and split into regional operating companies that would provide local telephone service going forward.

As a result of the breakup and the subsequent brutal price wars between competing telecommunications companies, there was a significant increase in telephone slamming, which is when a subscriber’s telephone service is changed without their consent.

Because of repeated complaints from consumers and legislative actions at the state and federal levels, companies are now required to submit any verbal request for changes in service to a third-party verification (TPV) service. The TPV provider records the conversation and verifies that the person calling does indeed want to select a new long-distance carrier or in some way change their service(s).

Recognizing an opportunity, Data Exchange, Inc.. now, was founded in 1997. is a privately owned and operated customer contact center that provides business process outsourcing solutions. The company’s core competency is independent third-party verification (TPV) service for businesses nationwide. Setting the tone for the industry, provides only the best in live agent and online third-party verification.